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Amaia Scapes Cabuyao Overview

Property Developer: Amaia
Project Location: Barrio Marinig, Sala, Cabuyao, Laguna
Turnover Date: RFO
Unit Sizes: 28 sqm to 55 sqm
Price Range: Php 1.4 M to Php 3.1M

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Amaia Scapes Cabuyao Philippines

Amaia Scapes Cabuyao By Amaia Land

Cabuyao, is a chief area in the Province of Laguna. This is a fresh area with lots of lush vegetation that is ideal for green living. The area is centrally located and is very beautiful hence giving Ayala Land Inc. no chance but to start off the construction of ideal settlement houses popularly known as the Amaia Scapes Cabuyao.

The homes here are not just your average constructions. They are about, family, security and the warmth that you get from here. Amaia Land does not just understand the importance of building a house, we provide for you a lovely home.

You are offered complete design as well as constructive service. This provides you with the confidence that your dreams will be shaped and turn into reality. The company is proven in its design as well as the building process. With a team of guided experience, Amaia Scapes Cabuyao provide you with what will be part of your journey from the start to the end.

The development areas as well as the houses are found on a piece of land that stretches for 19.10 hectares. The land where this project is found is an ideal flat area that is found in Barrio Marinig, Sala, Cabuyao Laguna. This area is just like a small garden with the fresh air that is available. You are offered serenity and a clean conducive environment for you as well as your family. This goes hand in hand with our promise of clean and fresh living that is unmatched!

Before it was charted as a city in 2012, Cabuyao held the title for being the welthiest municipality in the Philippines. This are is filled with energy and progress. It is bustling with greatness. The city is home to so many people and entities of high class. There are numerous industrial estates, some of the largest locally-owned manufacturing plants, and giant multinational corporations that are harbored here. This is the sole reason why the area is so active, it is home to so many migrant workers of all classes.

This development is a state of the art living area that is set up to make your stay here peaceful and chill. The wants of the residents are met in all the ways possible. You live in enjoyment and harmony at the same time experiencing the serenity that this area offers you.

The residential setting of this area is very much beautiful and it will have you buzzing all the time. The development caters for each and every one that lives here, from your children as well as your pets. They all have facilities to accommodate them without any discrimination.

This community has all the little things that will make your life easy and worth living here. There are amenities that are available to help you loosen up when you are feeling a little pressure, maybe from work, sickness or school. The amenities are very breathtaking and include a community pavilion, a basketball court, a tree-lined spine road, a beautiful swimming pool for both adults and kids, and an ideal jogging path with no obstacle. Moreover, there is a planned commercial area that is found in the estate that assists you have your day-to-day dose of home supplies essentially at your doorway. This is essential for people who are extremely busy and have no time to go far to look for house essentials.

Whether you are a first time buyer, retired or have been nurturing a family and looking for a larger space, Amaia Scape Cabuyao caters for all your needs. There is a variety of options in the development to suit people who have different needs altogether. The houses are designed to meet the modern day living. The spaces used in the development of this project have been used efficiently and effectively.

The housings are divided into various units. This includes; the Bungalow Pod, Twin Pod as well as the Carriage Pod. The unit sizes of the house are different are usually range from 25-75 square meters. This includes the porch area too. The lots vary from 65-75 square meters.

The development values your security and that is why we have maintained a 24hour security system to keep you safe all the time. There are fences that will keep away any intruder and the gates are well manned with officers that are there to ensure your safety is our priority. In addition, they carry out regular patrols and are always on the lookout for any fishy activities that might be happening.

The basic needs such as education are taken care of accordingly. The development is ideally positioned within short distances from basic amenities such as banks, hospitals, schools, malls, churches, recreation areas, public market and entertainment joints. All areas of significance are within an area of reach. You don’t have to worry about communal and reserved utilities, gas stations, etc. they were all considered when the area was set up.

For the price list, floor plans, and the modes of payment of Amaia Scape Cabuyao. Contact us an agent today. They will clarify everything for you and even set up an appointment. In addition, this website provides you with the necessary information that may be useful. The buying processes are fragmented down into various easy processes to help you maneuver your way throughout that period. You will get the best customer care services with this company.

The rich forestry of Cabuyao, a premier city in the province of Laguna is what attracts Ayala Land Inc. to proceed in the construction of the Amaia Scapes Cabuyao.

This house and lot development stretches in 19.10 hectares of flat land located in Barrio Marinig, Sala, Cabuyao Laguna. The serenity and fresh air environment is highly conducive for the whole family's clean and healthy living.

A bustling and progressive city, Cabuyao was once dubbed as "the richest municipality" in the Philippines before it was chartered as a city in 2012. Then and now, the city is host to more than a dozen industrial estates and giant multinational and local manufacturing plants which attract thousands of migrant workers.

The Amaia Scapes Cabuyao is a well-developed and a brand new community addressing the needs of those who want to live near their place of work while experiencing the joy and harmony of serene environment. The children will also appreciate the beauty of this residential setting. Some of the community's breathtaking amenities include tree-lined spine road, a village pavilion, full-court basketball, a sprawling swimming pool, smooth jogging path and a proposed commercial area within the estate so you have your daily dose of home supplies practically at your doorstep. A truly awesome relief for the busy couple!

The Ayala Property Management Corporation (APMC) maintains this fully-fenced and 24-hour guarded and well-secured entrance and exit gates community so you and your family are assured of safe abode day and night. The housing units are the Bungalow Pod, Twin Pod and the Carriage Pod with unit size ranging from 25 to 75sqm including the porch area. The lots range from 65 to 75sqm.

Your family's every day basic needs and your children's education are definitely not a problem as the property is strategically located within short distances from hospitals, schools, shopping havens, churches, recreation and entertainment centers and the public market. Banks, public and private utilities, gas stations and other places of significance are all within easy reach.

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Amaia Land Amaia Scapes Cabuyao in Laguna, Philippines is a premier House & Lot project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase Amaia Scapes Cabuyao, then check here first. We have full details of Amaia Scapes Cabuyao updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping or showroom visit, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. Always only buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents.

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Amaia Scapes Cabuyao Location

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Amaia Scapes Cabuyao - Price List

Amaia Scapes Cabuyao For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Prices Area(sq.m.) Notes
Bungalow Pod ₱ 1,370,000 34 sqm
Twin Pod ₱ 1,100,000 28 sqm
Carriage Pod ₱ 1,700,000 55 sqm

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We pride ourselves in having A1 services. However, as a new client, we always offer you an opportunity to go over the process carefully as well as the house to find out for yourself if there are aspects that you don’t like or you do not agree. Therefore, we have set up a process through which you will easily get done with the whole process. It is subdivided into small but important steps that will ensure you get the best value for your money.

Engaging in the real estate market can be confusing all the time because you may have doubts. Am I making the right move? Is this really what I want? These are just but some of the normal questions that will cross your mind.

However, if you possess the right knowledge and research, you will realize your dreams very fast and be ready to take that all important step. The following are the steps that we employ in the buying process;

·      Consultation

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·      Documentation

·      Inspection

·      Moving In


There is a team that is always on standby to take you through each and every step. They have done their homework and know what they are doing. The company does not employ people who are not skilled. They want the best for you and therefore, they go all out to get you the best professions in the market. From the phone assistant, the gardeners, the security, plumber, electrician and the whole management team.

The competition in the market is always stiff and therefore, the companies goes all out in the quest to make the clients happy. We are just perfect for the market. Before we do anything, we undertake thorough market research as well as consultations. This ensures that whatever we offer has been tested and proven to be ideal for you.

Safety is an issue that we do not overlook at all. It is a key priority. All of our real estate projects are thoroughly vetted by us and the agencies that have been set up. This is to ensure that all the safety and health standards are taken care of. We give you high rise, mid-rise, luxury and gated subdivisions as well as happy communities. We will help you get any house that you want.

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